Terms & Conditions

None of us like to be governed by a set of ‘rules’ but as a growing organisation we recognise that there is a need to introduce terms and conditions when applying for WIBN membership. These ensure that each group runs efficiently and each member is treated fairly, in the same manner.

1) Each member must represent the profession that is either their main business or is a substantial part of their business activity. Only one core activity can be represented by each member at the meeting. If a member wishes to represent other areas of their business, other than the one originally listed on their application form, they need to seek permission from their group Chairperson or directly from WIBN.

2) An individual in business may join as many groups as they wish. Corporate membership may be considered.

3) If a member wants to change their registered profession, providing that profession is not already represented in their group, they may discuss it with their Chairperson and submit a new application form. No additional fees apply.

4) Members may transfer between groups if there is sufficient justification and reason for this transfer. Each situation will be considered on a case by case basis and a transfer fee of £10 may be levied for administration purposes. Contact the Chairperson of your existing group initially.

5) If a member cannot attend a meeting, they should arrange for a representative to attend in their place. If a member cannot attend but wishes instead to attend another group instead this is allowed as long as there is no conflict between themselves and an existing group member’s profession or business interest.

6) If a member fails to attend regularly WIBN reserve the right to review and revoke their membership. A leave of absence is possible in certain circumstances.

7) Membership fees are payable annually, by cheque or cash. Meeting fees to cover the cost of lunch and administration are currently £20 (+ VAT where applicable) per month, payable by standing order. It is expected that members will set up the standing order from the start of their membership and make continuing payments as long as their membership is in force. No refunds will be given unless meetings are cancelled.

8) Renewal notices will be sent out approximately one month before the renewal is due and payment must be received by the renewal date in order for the membership to continue. If payment it is not received within 14 days of the renewal date, membership will cease.

9) In the event that a member wants to terminate their membership, whatever the reason, the fees are not refundable. In the unlikely case of membership being terminated by WIBN for whatever reason, the fees are not refundable.

10) In the unlikely event of conflict or complaint, please contact Lindsay Loxley directly who will make every effort to resolve the problem. WIBN Associates Ltd. reserves the right to judge each case separately and any decision will not be considered a precedent.

11) As a member of WIBN and for a 2 year period after membership has ceased, you must undertake not to set up a similar women’s or any other business networking organization from the ‘know how’ gained by attending WIBN meetings, to compete with WIBN.

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