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A typical WIBN meeting All our group meetings welcome new visitors. In fact, our meetings thrive on it - members love to meet new like minded women from a range of different professions, it brings a fresh dynamic to each meeting and introduces new expertise into the group.

And of course it's important that you try the WIBN experience before you become a member.

A typical WIBN meeting Our structured meetings get results and visitors often gain good contacts (and even referrals) at their first WIBN meeting, but please come with an open mind - business networking creates relationships built on trust and rapport which can only happen over time.

WIBN operates a one profession per group policy which ensures that as a member you will enjoy exclusivity within your group, refines the flow of referrals and contacts to you rather than you having to compete for business with another member. Our success (and that of our members) has been built upon this policy and format.

wibn-poole-46 If you would like to visit a group, simply select your preferred option from our list at Our Groups. Your chosen group page will feature a list of the current members. From this information you will be able to tell whether or not there is a professional clash with an existing member; if there isn't then you'll be more than welcome to visit.

Details on each group page shows the venue address, meeting dates and contact details of the affiliate or group executive that will manage the meeting; please make contact to arrange a visit ... or simply use the form below.

If you find there is a professional clash within your first choice of group, you may wish to consider visiting another or - if you have any doubts - please call Jacqui Frampton on 01202 666637 to discuss the options.

The meeting fee for visitors is £28 which includes lunch and refreshments.

Booking Form - Please complete this form If you would like to attend a WIBN meeting.

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A meeting fee of £28 is payable, which includes lunch and refreshments;

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